Vicente Moreno: "The Nàstic will want to survive and complicate us"

Vicente Moreno is confident that his team will make a good match and dismiss the sporting year of 2018 with a victory against the Nàstic of Tarragona: "We are always obliged to win, tomorrow maybe we have more interest in wanting to win the game because then there is a stop and leave a You days with the feeling of victory is good. " On the delicate situation of the rival in the classification, Moreno warns of his danger: "to be told to Extremadura if it was easy, is a team that I know, with good players, and I have a lot of affection and I hope they come out of that situation." "The Nàstic is not going to make it easy, has experience in the last two seasons and have come out of there," has settled the Mallorquinista preparer. Moreno hopes to offer a victory to the fans but also warns that it will be a game in which you must work a lot, also from the stands: "It costs a lot to win all the games, the Nàstic want to survive and they will complicate us. It will be a match to be patient. " The technician Mallorquinista was three and a half seasons in the Nàstic of Tarragona and has remembered his good career in the club Grana: "The three years were spectacular, we missed the brooch of the ascent to First division and we were close both directly and in The playoff. When time passes, everything good comes to me. " About the wishes for next year 2019, Vicente Moreno has asked "health", "which allows you to fight for things," he said.

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