Vicente Moreno: "The details have marked the result"

The coach of RCD Mallorca, Vicente Moreno, has analyzed the match that the team has lost in the Nou Municipal de Cornellà (3-1).

The small details: "In these games, the small details are crucial, and Cornellà has managed to take care of them, has taken advantage of our mistakes and has taken care of those details to make a difference in the result".

A difficult game to digest: "The costumes are not used to falling and such a result is difficult to digest, the players are touched."

A complicated field: "We knew that we came to a very difficult field in which they lost a lot of teams from the top, the surface in no case is an excuse, both teams have been in the same conditions. natural from now on we will be better ".

Congratulate the rival: "Cornellà is having a very good season and after today's game it's time to congratulate them".

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