Vicente Moreno: "Nothing is decided, we have to keep on rowing"

Vicente Moreno has indicated that he has lacked precision and believe, especially in the last twenty minutes, to try to get something positive from the game against CD Ebro.

First defeat at home:
"Whenever you do not win, a team like us and at home is not expected, you have to be calm, we are human and we lose matches"
"The result determines, in the final part the team was nervous and imprecise and at some point it seemed that we had given the game for lost, in the first part we had chances but we did not take advantage of them." His goal was in the only shot on goal and that has reinforced them even more in their game "
"For having lost there is nothing decided, we have to keep rowing"
"In the last twenty minutes I've seen a lot of nervousness, we have a good income"

Goal of the CD Ebro:
"His goal has been in a corner and the one who has finished has won the action to which he defended it: I do not see anything strange, we have not been successful"

Wasted Occasions:
"What happens in the areas is what determines, they have had one and they have marked it and we have not."

Margin of trust:
"We have to be calm, the bad feeling is that we should have insisted in the last twenty minutes, that's what the worst body leaves me, there's no reason to despair like we did, we have a good match next weekend do things well "
"Today we are in a good situation, apart from the last two losses"

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