Vicente Moreno: "Maybe we've lost more than we've gained”

The boss evaluated RCD Mallorca’s frustrating 2-2 draw with CA Osasuna at Son Moix

Vicente Moreno discussed his side’s performance following our 2-2 draw with CA Osasuna, rotating players in a busy fixture schedule and both penalties. Here’s what he had to say: 

On the game...

“To add points tonight was very important for us. Adding three points we would have been good in the run of games, but it also could have been worse. We're above the relegation zone.

“On the second goal, we entered a phase of the game where we were at their mercy. Where you would have had three points, you could have ended with zero - depending on where you look gives you the good and bad. Until the second goal I think we deserved the win. From there, I don’t think we deserved it. Looking at the game, maybe we have lost more than we have won.

“CA Osasuna have a very high work rate. They demand a lot from you, if you want to win against them you have to run and have the highest intensity. We tried to win and to go to the limit but sometimes that is not enough.

"The two goals that they had were totally avoidable. Until the second goal we had not given them too many options but in the final part we did not do things well, and if you don’t do things well, you get penalised.”


On the changes...

“We have a lot of players with a lot of minutes. For example, Lago was having a good game but he had to finish with a rest. We thought that Yannis Salibur could contribute in a similar manner but what we had in mind has not been translated.

“Lumor contributed well but we ask more of him because he has the capacity to do it. We need those players that have arrived to support us with added quality. We are hoping to get more from that and we hoop that from here onwards they can improve.

“Real Madrid and Barcelona have squads where players outside of the team are the same quality or better than those inside the starting XI. We are not Barcelona nor are we Real Madrid, we don’t gift players minutes.”

On resting before Real Valladolid…

“Recovering is difficult. Normally the worst day of recovery is the second after the match and we play the third in the morning but it doesn’t just happen to us, it also is something other teams have to face. You have to adjust to these things because if you don’t then it doesn’t put you in favour of having a spectacular game.”

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