Vicente Moreno: "It has been a difficult game, as we expected"

Vicente Moreno has been very satisfied with the Triumph 2-0 against the Nàstic of Tarragona: "It has been a complicated, difficult game, as we expected. We had it under control but with the marker so tight it makes you suffer. Until we have marked the 2-0 we have not been quiet". "The opponent has focused on the defensive and has cost us to have chances of goal", he said in relation to the approach of the whole grana. 

Massanassa's coach has also commented on the changes made to the headline team: "It's not easy to make the initial eleven decisions. Today I left out Joan Sastre, i always said he is a great player but for today's approach we had to decide". The numbers of the current RCD Mallorca say they are traced to those of the Nàstic of Tarragona in its stage in the Catalan ensemble: "I like numbers but I have not been aware of the comparative of the year so good with the Nàstic. All that has to look like a year when we almost went up, I would sign it". On the team's 30 points, Moreno is happy with the team's path in the 123 League: "I think we're on a good way, we're above the points that are needed for permanence and that's good".

Talking about... Nastic, Mallorca


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