Vicente Moreno: "I think we are much better than what we have shown today"

The coach of RCD Mallorca, Vicente Moreno, who against Sporting has completed the first of the two games of sanction that must be met after his expulsion against Málaga, has valued at a press conference the defeat of the Mallorquinist team 1-0 in Gijón: "We have not been at any time at the level required by the game if we wanted to have options to win it. Nor did I have the feeling of suffering too much. But I do not pay attention to what they do to us, but what we do not do, and, of course, today we have not done too much to win the game".

The coach of Massanassa regrets that the team has not done more to try to add against Sporting: "Usually we do many things to win the game. Then you can win or stop winning, but today I think we have looked for little to cause what we wanted to happen in the game. We have been, but the feeling has always been of little importance. And this is difficult, we came to a difficult field, against a team that was in a good moment and I think we are much better than what we have shown today".

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