Vicenç Palmer hands “100 years together” gift to the Club

Majorcan artista and Mallorca seasonticket holder nº 865 Vicenç Palmer has handed an amazing gift to the Club in a painting dedicated to the Centennial. From the sincerest Mallorca fan feeling, Palmer has created a very colourful and creative work expressing everything that is important in the world of football: the grass, the floodlights, players’ boots etc. The main character in the painting are the fans, represented in the whole Surface of the painting through multiple colours. Palmer has materialized this work applying dry paint  over canvass, on of his specialities. The painting is full of relief.

Mallorca Chairman Monti Galmes and the Centennial Commission, headed by Toni Tugores, has received with an immense gratitude this amazing piece of work that the autor has used to pay homage to these 100 years of the entity. His father was the season-ticket holder number 13.

The piece "100 years together" will be exhibited at the Presidential VIP Box at the Iberostar Estadio next Sunday in the game Mallorca v UCAM Murcia.

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