Salva Sevilla: "We are enjoying the season"

Salva Sevilla has taken the ovation of the night to be changed by Baba in the minute 88 of match. Almeria is very grateful for the support of the hobby Mallorquinista: "You always expect to get fired in the best way but today has been spectacular. I have always said that the hobby treats me in the best way and to go on like this". On 2-0 triumph against Nàstic, Salva has highlighted the importance of victory: "These kinds of matches are not easy, perhaps not our best match but are three very important points".

The midfielder has had to strive to find passes by having in front of a rival who has accumulated many players: "When a team is so tidy always complicates you. With the goal of Pervis everything has been very fluid despite the 1-0 they have not changed the approach". "We are enjoying so much of the season that everything happens very fast", he has settled in relation to the good qualifying situation of the team.

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