Salva Sevilla: "Now we have the best of the matches"

Salva Sevilla has appeared at a press conference after the training session. The RCD Mallorca player has no doubts and trusts the quality of all his teammates.

The indicative of the season: "The experience of all the matches tells us that there is no easy rival and that we have lost more points against teams from the bottom of the standings. Last week we couldn't win Ebro that also beat us at home "

The match against the Ebro: "The mistakes of that match have to serve us to learn, we can not always win, but we never have to stop being ourselves." The last minutes were precipitate and very nervous. tranquility in the game. "

The goals: "We would be worried if we did not create chances and it would be hard for us to reach the area, scoring goals always depends on gusts and I trust my teammates, we have important players who will surely find the goal soon, and if we make a positive reading of all this : we keep conceding very few goals, which in the end is more important ".

There is no doubt: "We have the best of games, we have no doubt in the dressing room and we will try to prove it on Sunday, we are in the best of situations, I think we are the best team in the category."

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