Raíllo: "The team is more united than ever"

Antonio Raíllo has spoken in a press room and has assessed the current state of the team, as well as has made a balance of the last matches. The central was captain on Sunday against Ontinyent and hopes to prolong the good run, three consecutive games winning, this Sunday in LLagostera.

Follow the streak: "We are looking forward to the match and continue the winning streak but we know it will not be easy".
Visit to Llagostera: "It is one of the most difficult fields in the list."
Gone was the six-game winless streak: "The team joined in the unbeaten run of matches and even the defeat came in handy, no one threw the boat and the team is more united than ever."
Captaincy against Ontinyent: "It's nice after how it ended last season, especially because the teammates trust me."
New signings: "Any player who wants to play and compete will come in handy, nobody can relax".
Loss of unbeaten: "All the teams wanted to win us when we were unbeaten." After the defeat against Penya everything changed ".
Return Lago Junior: "He is working a lot, he comes on free days and many afternoons, he will be a very important player for this team".

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