Prestige victory of RCD Mallorca against Deportivo de La Coruña

RCD Mallorca won against one of the best teams in the Category: Deportivo de la Coruña. Lago Junior was the author of the goal, which involves adding three points and closing the first round with the important figure of 33. In the first part, both teams carried out their roadmap. RCD Mallorca was placed neat and refolded waiting to hunt the Depor. For its part, the Galician ensemble took the helm of the match from the first quarter of an hour but without reaching the goal of Manolo Reina in a clear way. However, the script changed in the second time. The squad of Vicente Moreno was growing in confidence and took the handle of the game. Dani Jiménez was providential with two stops to send to Mallorquinistas auctions (Pedraza and Joan Sastre).

The Vermillion offensive did not end there, with good options in moves to ball stopped like the stick of Abdon after a good auction of head. Before, the stick had also rejected a chut of Joan Sastre who had been poisoned after playing in Pablo Marí. With this clearly Vermilion Panorama, Lago Junior was erected in the man of the match with a golazo after a great personal play. The player from Côte d'ivoire took the ball and won imperial feet, putting a gold brooch to his great personal action with a auction that entered the goal of Dani Jiménez spectacularly. Minutes later, Aridai also approached the goal with a good contra led by Abdon. A few minutes from the end, it was the Deportivo who had the tie with a finial that ran into the stringer. 

RCD Mallorca: Manolo Reina, Joan Sastre, Martin Valjent, Antonio Raíllo, Pervis Estupiñán, Marc Pedraza, Salva Sevilla (Xisco Campos, 84'), Dani Rodríguez, Merveil Ndockyt (Aridai, 72'), Lago Junior, Àlex López (Abdón Prats, 65')

Goals: 1-0 Lago Junior, 78'.

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