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Francisco Tomás Tur (Palma 1900-1990) played in the Real Sociedad Alfonso XIII between May 1917 and July 1930. His fondness for football began at the age of nine and with 15 he joined the Balearic, a team from the area of La Lonja that had assembled a group of friends, including Miguel Nadal Pont, also a alfonsino player. They paid ten cents a week to be able to buy balls. As an anecdote, Tomás told that the first time he played a game as a defender in his first action he scored a goal on his own doorstep. Paco Tomás was a member of La Veda but could not enter any of his teams, making it in the child of the Alfonso XIII by mediation of Miguel Nadal Pont. As he himself counted, he was a "wall partner" of the Alfonsina entity. That is to say, Tomás was sneaking into the games, skipping the wall, until one day he was caught and rebuked. That was when the intercession of Nadal, who already played in the Alfonso XIII, was able to go to play the child, then passed to the juvenile and the fourth team Alfonsino, always playing left defense, his favorite position.

His first steps with the first team came on a trip to Barcelona, where he played in the middle of the country in two friendly front of the Badalona. On his return he no longer left the half-wing position in the first team of the Alfonso XIII. His first teacher was Victorian Ferrá and the Czech Zaubek was the one who managed to refine his game. He possessed a methodical and precious game, tireless in his comings and goings. Tomás was a specialist in the aerial game, a technique that dominated perfectly. One of his most beautiful memories was to have marked Santiago Bernabeu in two friendly against Real Madrid, he weighing 57 kilograms scarce and Bernabeu with more than 80 kg.

Paco Tomás withdrew due to a pulmonary pleurisy that left his physical faculties very depleted after having defended during thirteen seasons the red Jacket Alfonsina. He never claimed anything from Mallorca and, in fact, worked as a mechanic at Casa Bibiloni. At the end of his morning day, about half past twelve, he took a borrowed bicycle and went to Buenos Aires to train. Afterwards, the player Alfonsino ate at a place that was next to the country, food paid by the Majorca, and returned to his job. He was also a water polo champion and soccer coach in various teams on the island. In the mid-sixties he was part of a board of directors of the club.

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