Marc Pedraza: "The dynamic of last year has helped us to be a winning team and fighter"

Marc Pedraza is happy with the good start of the RCD Mallorca: "We started the season very well, the dynamics of last year have helped us to be a fighting and winning team. they are going well, we are doing a very good job that is reflected in the game and the results of the team. " On the objectives of the team, Marc prefers to go game by game without obsessing with any target: "We do not like to set a long-term goal, we want to go week to week, we do not want to obsess with long-term goals because this category is very compiled ".
Marc is one of the players who won promotion and now, in La Liga 123, is also indisputable on the board of Vicente Moreno: "The coach has relied on much of the staff of last season, everyone is ready to be a starter. " "Nobody loses any performance in training or games but the season is long and everyone will have their moments and their minutes," he said in relation to colleagues who, for now, play less.
The Catalan midfielder has also praised his teammates in the zone: "Dani Rodríguez has a lot of quality and brings work to the midfield and that helps us". "Salva Sevilla takes the game, everything that passes through him is dangerous and also helps in defensive tasks," he commented on the contribution of the Andalusian player. To finish, Marc Pedraza also referred to his contribution to the team: "Everyone has their role, my game is not so flashy, I focus on what the coach asks me to cover the back to Salva, who is who goes to give last pass, my work is darker but what I wanted is to play and I'm doing it ".

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