Manolo Reina and Xisco Campos analyze the defeat in Gijón.

Manolo Reina, who has returned to the goal after the injury, believes that the team has been able to take at least one point from his visit to Molinón:

"A pity the defeat, I think we could have achieved the tie, we had several occasions, we could have fallen the second because we were up but we could also have achieved the draw, because we had several occasions. They, until we have scored the goal, have not done many times either".

Regarding the team's game, Reina believes that RCD Mallorca have not made their best game: "It is clear that with the ball we could have been finer, but as regards occasions, I think we should have taken at least one point here".


For his part, captain Xisco Campos, analyzes in this way the clash between Sporting and RCD Mallorca:

"I think in the first part we had to endure the push they have here, we have had to defend a lot, the team has endured and then, in the second half, when we were well, they just made us the goal. he has reacted well and we had options to take a point, but hey, we are annoyed because we chained another defeat".

Regarding the sensations of the costumes after the defeat, Xisco assures that they do not like to lose: "We live from the results and what gives us more confidence are the results, we are angry because we have not managed to take anything home. we have to continue, be focused and think about the next game".

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