Lago Junior and Joan Sastre value the victory against Deportivo

Lago Junior: "What we have done today has a lot of merit"

The Ivory Coast player was happy after the victory of RCD Mallorca against Deportivo: "After winning a game like that you leave happy, satisfied that you have done a good job because the Dépor is a very good team, with very good players. What we have done today has a lot of merit".

Lago Junior has been the author of the winning goal. Lago explains the play that ended in his ninth goal this season: "I receive the ball and turn around. I see that I have room to get inside the area. I raise my head and I see that I have chances to shoot and in the end a great goal has come out".

With the victory against Deportivo, the team of Vicente Moreno ends the first round of competition with 33 points. "In the end it was a spectacular first round. I think nobody expected what we are doing, we are a newly promoted team. There is still the second round, we must continue the same", Lago says.

Joan Sastre: "We are very happy, Deportivo is a great team"

For his part, Joan Sastre considers that it is an important triumph for the quality of the rival: "The truth is that it is a prestigious victory for Mallorca. We are very happy, Deportivo is a great team".

As for the player's analysis of the first 21 league games, Sastre believes that the first round of RCD Mallorca has been good: "The balance is good because we come from Segunda B. We did not know what would happen this season, we knew It would be a difficult season and we are at the end of the first round with 33 points and that is not easy. We are very happy, we must continue like this and continue match by match".

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