Jorge Vilda: "Playing in Son Moix is an incentive"

The Spanish coach analyzes the game against Austria of Son Moix (November 28, 20: 15 hours) and believes that the three Mallorcan players will grow with this experience.

How do you face the game against Austria that will be played at the Son Moix stadium?

It is a selection with an ascending projection. Many of its players play in the German league, one of the best in the world, and that brings a lot of competitiveness to the team. That experience is transferred to the team and makes Austria a difficult choice.

They do not keep a fond memory of the rival, executioner of Spain in the European past ...

It is true. They beat us on penalties in the quarterfinals and we have analyzed that game a lot. We had more possession, more shots, more centers to the area but we did not win the game. It is a team that has it very clear. That day they played with a line of five players and another of four, both close to their goal. We had better fighting game but we did not go to the semifinals and we have that little thorn in our side.

There is no doubt about the growth of women's football in Spain. What are the keys of them?

There has been an important exponential growth. Our games generate excitement, the fans come to the Rozas to see us train and the players are referents for many others who come stomping from below. Now the challenge is that all this is well digested and well understood, the fact of moving to an information front unlike what had happened years ago.

Son Moix awaits you, a big stadium that has lived all kinds of experiences in the high competition.

It is all an incentive. Being able to play in large stadiums is very positive and a great motivation for all the players. I am convinced that people who come to watch the game will like the show. It will be the third match of the qualifying phase for the World Cup in France '19 after beating Israel in the first. Our first goal is the 24 day match against Serbia and defeat the Son Moix game by pleasing the spectator. We always work in that direction, we like the pressure and we are prepared.

In local code, the Spanish team has three Majorcan players: Virginia Torrecilla, Mariona Caldentey and Patricia Guijarro ...

Virginia, Mariona and Patricia are the best example of how well the Balearic Islands Football Federation is working with women's football, always drawing great players and nurturing the lower selections. All this with the condition of the limitation of chips for the geographical issue. You have to congratulate them.

We assume that Virginia and Patricia (Mariona is injured) will have a lot of motivation to play at home with their families in a great stadium. What will be your role as a coach so that this illusion does not become added pressure?

The first thing to do and that's my job is to have the three focus on the Belgrade game against Serbia. After that the Son Moix match will come. However, I have no doubt that they are ready, they are very mature and we want this experience to help them grow even more. All that motivation and desire must lead to something positive.

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