Joan Sastre and Sergio Buenacasa smile again

Last August 5th was a fateful day for Joan Sastre and Sergio Buenacasa. Concentrated with the squad in the stage of preseason Benahavís, Malaga, saw how their preparation is interrupteded by injuries that have been low for the same period of time: 87 days.

That day, Joan Sastre stopped for some discomfort in the knee that was dragging throughout the preseason and that were reflected with a fine bandage just below the affected area. It was during the morning session before the match against Cadiz CF corresponding to the trophy Ciudad de la Línea when the right side, accompanied by the medical area, decided to stop and faced a bitter stretch away from the green. 

That same day, Sergio Buenacasa also encountered the most unpleasant part of football. He barely took minutes on the playing field and noticed crack on his right foot. One day later, already installed in a hospital in Barcelona, he was diagnosed with a injury in the fifth metatarsal of the right foot and a period of low between 10 and 12 weeks. Already recovered and with the joy of the debut striker yesterday, the striker remembers those bad times: "It has not been easy to get to a new club and find that bump of the injury in full preseason... but I've overcome the steps , I came a little earlier than I marked the injury. " Buenacasa appeals to the magic of football to explain their feelings on returning and mark: "Back after an injury, debut with this shirt and mark is something magical that football has." 

For his part, Joan Sastre also had a relaxed face despite the defeat. The side had not noticed pain, important detail after a process of recovery with ups and downs: "I am very happy, today I did not hurt my knee and I hope that everything continues, that is already recovered to one hundred percent." His was not a debut but almost, especially after climbing a rollercoaster of emotions after the ascent to second and the injury of the summer. Of the ecstasy of Anduva not being able to taste the prize achieved. Yesterday, son Moix dedicated a cheer on his return home: "They are many emotions, the last game here was the playoff and I'm always happy to play in Son Moix, which is my home." "I am very happy", settled with a smile the porrerenc. 

Now, they are both part of the team and use the same speech when they talk about their counting options for the coach: competitiveness and work. Sergio Buencasa states that "he is prepared for competitiveness, to give everything in training and in the matches and then the Mister will decide". For his part, Sastre also assumes the challenge by tracing the words of his teammate: "I am always prepared for competitiveness, to give everything in training and games and then the Mister will decide." Apart from deciding, Vicente Moreno is the first to rejoice in two returns that increase the competitiveness of the workforce: "Sergio The goal will do well and tailor is also an important player for us, recovering players is always important." 

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