Bonilla: "We are a winning team and we have a bad time when we lose"

The lateral of the RCD Mallorca, Javier Bonilla, has appeared before the media after the second defeat of the team this season (3-1) in Cornellà.

A bad day: "Today we had a bad day, and all the teams have it, we are a winning team that give everything to win and it is hard to fit a defeat like this".

Steep result: "We have not been well but we have fought, and after the second goal it was hard for us to rebuild, I am the first who has not found myself as comfortable as always, and it is hard to see the final result".

Keep working: "The days like this have to be forgotten quickly and face the week with much desire to work, we have to give everything and on Sunday to fight again to win."

We are a very complete team: "We have not taken any losses, all the players in this squad can play and give everything when they are needed".

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