Antonio Raíllo: "The strength of the team is the group: everyone run, everyone fight"

Antonio Raíllo has expressed in a very clear way the feeling of the costume for the return to the competition after the Christmas break: "You have to work, start from scratch and what has been done so far is useless. Start another stage of the season when you have to do things as well as in the first". About the objectives of the season, Raíllo applies the maxim of the "match to match" and expresses what the team feels with the 30 points that it has in the classification: "It gives you peace, less pressure but the league is very long". "We are very clear that the first thing is to reach the 50 points, then fight to the death to be up as we do every match", says the central. 

Raíllo ensures that the dressroom is very close both inside and outside the playing field, key to the good trajectory of the team: "Each one faces the other and this helps a lot to make the team go well." In this same sense, the player Mallorquinista has argued the strength of the current RCD Mallorca: "The team is not only a player, the strength of the team is the whole, all run, all fight and all go to one." The Andalusian ombudsman has also praised a fellow of position as the Slovak Martin Valjent: "He is a spectacular player, very applied, with a good relationship with all the teammates and when he plays very well". 

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